Why Working Remotely Could Benefit Your Team

  • Posted on: 21st March 2018
  • Posted in: News

Less distractions

One of the biggest drawbacks of working in offices, especially open plan ones, is the many distractions that can impact on your team’s productivity levels. Some employees are naturally chattier than others, and this can result in your more talkative team members distracting others from doing their work. Frequent tea breaks and office banter can add up to hundreds of hours over the course of a year, and if you feel that some of your team may perform better when working solo, offering them the choice to work from home at least some of the time could boost your productivity levels across the board.

No commute

An average commute in the UK lasts around an hour, and can often be a great source of morning stress that impacts negatively on both morale and output levels. Being stuck in a lengthy traffic jam before work or being late due to roadworks means that your team members can often bring their frustration into the office with them, something which is easily remedied by offering the simple choice to work from home for a few days per week or per month.

Happier employees

Some of your team may simply be happier to work from home rather than coming into the office. Introverted employees need periods of time alone in order to function to the best of their ability, and giving them the option to do so can be a quick win to boosting individual output levels.

Remote working is also highly beneficial to older team members who may want to spend time with their children during school holidays. Providing the option to spend more quality time with their loved ones is a sure-fire way to forge positive working relationships within your team.

Less sick days

Illness can be a killer to productivity, and one guaranteed way to reduce the amount of sick days in the office is give your employees the choice to work from home.

Studies prove that people who work remotely are less likely to call in sick, and why wouldn’t they be? If you’re feeling rotten in the morning, the last thing you’ll want to do is go through the rigmarole of getting yourself dressed in a shirt and trousers and battle traffic before you even start working.

It’s much easier for your colleagues to dose up on painkillers with plenty of warm drinks and crack on with work from the cosy haven of their home. What’s more, if employees who’re unwell do come into work they risk spreading their illness to other team members.

Comfortable clothing

This is one of the less-considered benefits of working from home. Whilst it’s true that many people feel much more engaged with their tasks if they’re dressed in a killer outfit, this isn’t the same for everyone. Mark Zuckerberg famously swears by wearing casual clothes to work, and some people genuinely work better when they’re in a hoodie and jeans as opposed to a shirt and tie.

Attract the best

Millennials make for some of the most tech-savvy employees in the work arena, and one easy way to make your team a more attractive proposition to younger generations is to offer them the ability to work from home. You can rest assured that your millennial colleagues will be able to use Skype, emails and Dropbox without a problem, and if you’re struggling to establish a balance of old and young in your team then offering remote working options could be the key to your success.

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