Is it time to create a meditation room for employees?

  • Posted on: 24th September 2018
  • Posted in: News

Hundreds of different schemes, initiatives and rewards systems have been tried and tested by business leaders over the years to boost productivity and generally make work an enjoyable experience. Some companies offer their employees free breakfasts. Others reward high-flyers with expensive shopping vouchers, or even weekend breaks at the company’s expense.

One thing you probably haven’t considered adding to your workplace is a meditation room. Once seen as the pastime of hippies and mysterious monks in far-flung countries, meditation has come to the fore in the West over recent years because of the multitude of benefits it can bring to its practitioners.

Read on to find out why you should create a meditation room in your workplace and how it’s going to benefit your business.

It increases focus

A big killer of productivity in the work arena is distractions amongst employees. Whilst nobody wants a stale, silent atmosphere devoid of chat or banter, finding the right balance in the office can be difficult.

A Harvard university study found that by putting its test subjects through an eight-week mindfulness programme they made faster, and significantly more pronounced attention-based judgements to alpha rhythm brainwaves. In English, this means that they were able to better supress irrelevant or distracting sensations, granting them a heightened, zen-like focus.

It reduces stress

Another huge benefit of meditation techniques such as mindfulness, and one of the primary reasons many people turn to it in the first place, is its powerful ability to reduce stress. Academic journal Health Psychology discovered a clear link between mindfulness and a reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Many of the world’s best and brightest workers struggle to consistently perform at their best due to stresses about their workloads, their children, family matters, bills and a whole host of other factors. Meditation could be the key to unlocking their potential.

It allows you to sleep better

One of the most well-known factors that can damage the productivity and morale levels of all employees, whether young or old, executive or new starter, is not getting a good night’s sleep.

Studies show that practicing mindfulness can improve sleep quality and daytime impairment, meaning that adding a mindfulness room to your building could give your employees the extra hours of sleep that’ll increase their output and perk up their mood. What’s not to like about that?

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