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24 Stanley Avenue

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I am passionate about helping Business Owners through Business Coaching and also helping Business Owners & MD\'s better understand their financial figures.

I have been Coaching Business Owners and their employees for over 16 years and work on all areas of the business to help the Business Owner achieve their dreams. I have worked with all shapes and sizes of businesses over the years I have coached and trained on every aspect of business including leadership, sales and marketing, time management, communication, finance, etc. and have worked with clients ranging from electrical and lighting design companies to freight forwarders, marine engineering to florists, wedding planners to body shops and construction companies.

With my coaching experience and after being around business owners and their teams (good and bad) for over 45 years, I like to think I do things a bit differently than most business coaches, by giving exceptional value with very competitive fees - if you wish to understand more, just contact me to arrange a face to face meeting to explore how I may be able to help you.

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